Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things are coming along!

Just wanted to write a quick post 1. to make sure things look OK when posting and 2. to share that the blog is steadily coming together, which is very exciting for me!

I know that we've all been terribly busy lately (yay!), but if you could all take a moment to make sure you've been included on the Team Shops page, I would appreciate it. I think I got everyone, but I want extra eyes to make doubly-sure! Also, I tried my best to categorize everyone properly (and distribute to certain categories that were on the light side) -- if you would like me to change anything about how you are listed on the Team Shops page, please convo me!

Thanks + thank you for being part of such an amazing team :) I promise great things with the blog in the very near future!

Evelyn @ ohhellomagpie