Past Challenge Winners

Team Worldwide has a weekly treasury challenge that showcases a fabulous item from one of our team members.
Check out all these amazing past winning treasuries:

Challenge 25 Winner: Flyingace 

Challenge 24 Winner:  aubepine

Challenge 23 Winner: linneaheide 

Challenge 22 Winner: karinagracejewelry


Challenge 21 Winner: junkyardglitter 

Challenge 20 Winner: RiverSongsWhimsy 

Challenge 19 Winner: byTonetti 

Challenge 18 Winner: karinagracejewelry

Challenge 17 Winner: aubepine

Challenge 16 Winner: riversongrapture 

Challenge 15 Winner: junkyardglitter

Challenge 14 Winner: karinagracejewelry

Challenge 13 Winner: EternalEden

Challenge 12 Winner: OhHelloMagpie

Challenge 11 Winner: ara133photography

Challenge 10 Winner: cherryandviolet

Challenge 9 Winner: riversongrapture

Challenge 8 Winner: OhHelloMagpie

Challenge 7 Winner: pixiepaper

Challenge 6 Winner: sweetharvey

Challenge 5 Winner: junkyardglitter

Challenge 4 Winner: EdensAngels

Challenge 3 Winner: Pirillinca

Challenge 2 Winner: crochetelle

 Challenge 1 Winner: EternalEden

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