Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Team Worldwide Treasury Challenge 47!

Who will make a winning treasury?!
The winner will have one of their items be THE FEATURED ITEM for next week’s challenge!

This challenge is open to everyone on Etsy - Anyone can win!

You can create as many challenge treasuries as you want, as long as each of them follows the challenge rules listed below.

The FEATURED ITEM for this week belongs to the winner of 
Challenge 46, kalapazana

Challenge 47 Rules:

  • This treasury challenge is open to anyone on Etsy. Anyone can win!
  • You must include the FEATURED ITEM in any of the first 3 rows.
  • You must feature at least 7 team worldwide members in the treasury (you can find current members by looking at the "About Our Team" on this blog or by clicking this link  team worldwide shop link to see a link showing our team shops).
  • all challenge treasuries must be tagged with the following 2 tags: teamworldwide, twchallenge47
  • you must include a link to this blog in the treasury description:
  • All challenge treasuries must be made while the challenge is open - starting the minute this is posted (which generally happens at 8PM Wednesday) and ending at noon (Etsy time -EST) on Sunday October 30th.
    Other Important Details: 
  • The winner will be announced on this blog at 8PM on Monday night, October 31st.
  • The winner gets to choose an item from their shop to be the featured item for the next challenge. 
  • The winner will become the judge for the next challenge. – The judge can use any criteria they want to pick a winner.

You can view all the treasuries created for this challenge by clicking this link:

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